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Meet BBC Green Planet cameraman, Tim Shepherd

SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT: Joining us at Toby’s Garden Fest on Friday 29 April is professional wildlife cameraman for over 30 years, Tim Shepherd.

Tim who lives and works locally in Devon specialising in timelapse and is known for ground-breaking TV series, including BBC’s Private Life of Plants which treated plants growing and behaving as living creatures like any other. Over the last three years he was central to the making of the newest exploration of the plant world on the BBC’s Green Planet.

Tim has also been a major contributor to most of the BBC Natural History Series, including Planet Earth, Life, Planet Earth 2 and now on Planet Earth 3. He is now working on productions for BBC NHU, National Geographic, NetFlix, Apple TV and Disney +. Think of any plant timelapse in TV documentaries you know and the chances are that Tim was involved in their making.

YouTube searches for the following will find some of Tim’s favourite work – Life BBC Plants – the most complicated multi-layered timelapse ever achieved. Life Venus Fly Trap – a great mix of timelapse and macro and a great story. Planet Earth Fungus – rainforest fungi and the amazing Cordyceps story – and of course now Green Planet.

Talks are FREE to festival visitors and seats available on a first come first served basis. Buy festival tickets here.


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