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Stop and smell the flowers

If you’ve ever used gardening as a way to be more mindful and make you feel better on stressful days, then you might be interested in our brand new talk session for 2022.

Sara Dance, a Teignmouth certified breath coach and Wim Hof Method instructor, will be joining us at Toby’s Garden Festival on Saturday 30 April for a breath works session, taking festival visitors through some simple techniques to use your breath to create calm and support your wellbeing.

Breathing might seem like the most natural thing in the world, but Sara will show you you can harness the power of your breath to support all areas of wellbeing, from reducing anxiety, to sleeping better (including getting back to sleep when you’re tossing and turning) and managing your emotions in times of stress. Plus, the techniques she shares are scientifically proven to reduce your stress hormones by up to 20% the first time you do them and by up to 50% when used regularly!

Join her to find deep relaxation through the power of your breath.

Talks are free to festival visitors. Buy Festival Tickets here.

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