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Hot stuff – passionate about chilli goodies

South Devon Chilli Farm
South Devon Chilli Farm

When it comes to having a passion about something you’ll find it difficult to better the team at South Devon Chilli Farm. For those of us who love growing, cooking and eating chillies then the team’s arrival at Toby’s Garden Fest is a bumper treat.

The small team is passionate about all things chilli! They love their subtle flavours as well as, of course, their fiery heat. The award-winning chilli goodies range from gently warming to extremely hot. If you love chillies, or you know someone who does – you must visit them at Powderham.

It all started with a few chilli plants growing in a Devon back garden in the 1990s. From there it progressed to a rented polytunnel in 2001 and a glut of chillies nobody knew what to do with! Now there’s a busy in demand farm shop, polytunnels, regular sales of plug plants and seedlings and if you are lucky the chance to see them at a festival event.


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