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The wow factor of water in your garden

DU Waterscapes
DU Waterscapes

Anyone with a love of specialist water plants, bog plants, water lilies and the whole thrill of ponds and flowing water in gardens has a real treat to look forward to at the festival.

Exhibiting for the first time at Toby Buckland’s Garden Festival is DU Waterscapes, a business covering Somerset and Devon which inspires people to embrace naturally balanced water gardening so they can reconnect with nature. That means clear, often flowing water features and ponds.

The aquatic plants on sale will be important part of it all but just one element of a passion for water in the garden.

Says DU Waterscapes boss Dan Usher: “I love flowing water. There’s so much to enjoy about the energy of moving water in a garden. England was a mecca for water gardening in Victorian times but really hasn’t gone anywhere since then. Too many ponds are in poor condition and it’s important to remember water gardening is different to standard gardening and in many cases pond and water feature owners lack guidance and knowledge to get and keep clear healthy water which increases the abundance of native flora and fauna. We use both natural processes and applied sciences to achieve water gardening excellence.

Next year is a big year for the business. They open a new water themed garden centre in Ilminster in February and then bring all their knowledge and science and plants to put before Powderham visitors.


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