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Getting around the site

Need a helping hand around the festival site this year? We try and make the ancient castle grounds as accessible as possible, avoiding flights of steps, and staying on hard ground, 

That said, the festival site does cover a large area, so we lay on two extra means of transport – the Castle tractor-train to ferry visitors from the car park to the entrance; and the Festival Land Train (borrowed from Exmouth for two days) to take visitors from the gate to the Castle Courtyard, Speaker Hall and VIP area in the castle.

We also have friendly stewards on hand – please ask for help if you need it! The team is here to make sure you enjoy your day. Plus we have helpful folks on hand with wheelbarrows to help carry your purchases back to the car.

You can also hire a wheelchair or scooter before the festival from NACTA (also to hire on the day) who are stationed by the entrance gate. Call 01626 335775 or volshopmo@newtonabbotcta.org to book.Charges are: £18 for a scooter or £11 for a wheelchair or walker for a full day, with reductions for a part-day, plus VAT (if not exempt). 

Parking is in the main festival car park in the fields which are a few minutes walk to the entrance gate, with Blue Badge holder parking at the closest end to the festival entrance, from where you can catch a lift in the tractor-train to the entrance gate. You are also welcome to drop off passengers at the entrance gate before going to park.

For more information here:  Accessibility.

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  1. Jenny Reeves says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the garden festival today with my 86 year old mum. Really well organised and so much to look at and buy. Could I suggest that for next year you consider rubber matting in stony areas as it was really difficult to push her wheelchair both from the blue badge car park and around the plant selling area.

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