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The joy of Devon orchards with Sandford Cider

One for cider lovers! Barny, the founder of Sandford Cider is joining us on Saturday 29th April to give a history of Devon cider and its deep roots into the life and culture of our region.

Barny founded Sandford Cider in 2002, having started out by making cider for his rugby mates. Since then, Sandford Cider has won a raft of awards, which range from their bestselling Devon Red, through more unusual Prosecco-like Katja to the highly-decorated Sandford Reserve. Go to any good pub locally and it’s there – it’s delicious, a local treasure – all made from local Devon cider apples which grow so well in these parts.


Barny is a treasure trove of information about cider and how it’s made. Did you know, for example,  half of all cider in the world is drunk in the UK? Or that the waste from Sandford Cider apples goes to a Dorset biodigester? This in turn is sold back to the brewery as the carbon dioxide which gives Sandford its sustainable sparkle.

The joy and the mystery of Devon orchards, and the exiting new discoveries coming out of them: it’s all here. Plus, the do’s and don’ts of orchard management – and best of all, a chance to taste some glorious ciders and ask Barny that apple related question you’ve always wanted the answer to!

Join Barny in the Food Drink Devon Marquee in the Castle Courtyard on Saturday 29th April at 2.30pm.

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