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Meet the National Collection holder of camassia

Hare Spring Cottage Plants is an independent family-run hardy plant nursery that, until six months ago, was based in North Yorkshire. Having made the momentous decision to relocate home & nursery to South Devon in September 2022, owners Stella & Malcolm Exley are now settling into life in the South Hams and will continue to exhibit in Floral Marquees at all the major horticultural events across the UK.

Stella & Malcolm are the proud owners of three National Plant Collections – Camassia, Sidalcea & Uvularia & grow a wide range of hardy perennials.  Although their nursery isn’t open to the public on a regular basis they do offer the opportunity for private Visits and plan three Nursery Open Weekends each year, including their popular Bulb Fest in October every year.  They also have an online plant shop on their website.

Hare Spring Cottage Plants are very much looking forward to being part of Toby’s Garden Festival on 28 & 29 April 2023 for the first time where they will have a large selection of hardy perennials including their popular potted Camassia for sale.  Stella will be taking an active part in the talks programme throughout the festival sharing her expertise & knowledge on how best to grow Camassia & complementary hardy perennial plants.

Contact Hare Spring Cottage Plants:

Email:  stella@harespringcottageplants.co.uk

Web:  www.harespringcottageplants.co.uk

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