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Talk: Rebugging the Planet

Author Vicky Hird is joining us as a Friday speaker to talk about the importance of bugs!

Bugs are everywhere but people often don’t realise they live surrounded by these wild creatures. From worms to wasps and bees to beetles – bugs are beautiful, inventive and economically invaluable. They are a vital part of our lives – they pollinate plants, feed birds, defend crops and clean water systems — to name a few critical roles. We can’t do without them.

But with 40% of insect species at risk of extinction and a third more endangered, we are facing an insect apocalypse. Other invertebrates are also at risk from pollution, climate change and loss of the wild spaces they need. But we can all help. We can all start to give bees, spiders, beetles, ladybirds and butterflies the space they need to flourish in so many ways. From how we garden, to what we buy and even how we talk about bugs – rebugging can be fun and easy and can even save you time!

Learn all about rebugging your life, your garden and your community with Vicky, in the afternoon on Friday 29 April in the Castle speaker hall. 

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