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Talk on climate change gardening

Sally Morgan, editor of the Soil Association’s Organic Farming magazine is talking at Toby’s Garden Festival on Saturday 29 April on the topic of coping with a changing climate.

Sally will look at how we can make our gardens more resilient to the challenges of climate change, including how to look after our soils,  coping with too much and too little water and choosing the right plants (and it’s not just drought-tolerant plants!).

She will also explain how climate change is affecting our fruit trees and bulbs.

Sally is a botanist and organic gardener who writes regularly for gardening and smallholding magazines and is a member of the Garden Media Guild. Sally’s blog, www.livingononeacreorless.co.uk  was a finalist in the Garden Media Guild Awards in 2019 and 2022. She gives talks to garden clubs and runs gardening and smallholder courses on her organic farm in Somerset.

Her books include The Climate Change Garden with Kim Stoddart (Quarto 2023) and The Healthy Vegetable Garden: A natural, chemical-free approach to soil, biodiversity and managing pests and diseases (Chelsea Green, 2021) 

Follow Sally on Instagram @the_organic_plot and @climatechangegarden

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