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New Garden Clinic for Powderham Sponsored by Grazers

Grazers, a UK producer of a wildlife and pet-friendly range against major garden pest damage are hosting a new Garden Pest Clinic at Toby’s Garden Festival at Powderham Castle on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th April.

Celebrating 10 years in business in 2017, Grazers will be giving visitors an opportunity to take away and trial an exciting new product not yet on the market against lily beetle damage called G4. They will also be bringing their range of people, pet & planet friendly products to the Festival available as both ready-to-use sprays and concentrates against damage from, G1 for deer, rabbits and pigeons; G2 for slugs and snails and G3 for caterpillars and whitefly.

Jonathan Tebb Roger, of Grazers along with Sally and Jackie will be at the Festival advising visitors. Jonathan says, “We are delighted to be sponsoring the new Pest Clinic. We would love visitors to take away and try out G4 in return for feedback. Please stop by and have a chat, we look forward to hearing about your pest problems and we may be able to help!”

Also at the Pest Clinic will be Dr Ian Bedford, Head of Entomology at the John Innes Centre in Norwich who is on hand both days of the Festival to answer even the most tricky garden questions. Dr Ian has had a life-long passion for all things creepy crawly, especially sap-sucking insects that transmit plant diseases. Ian also studies invasive species such as the notorious Spanish slug which he first confirmed was present in the UK in 2012. Ian’s always delighted to talk about the plant pests he studies and those commonly found in gardens and visitors can ask questions and look at an array of bugs under the microscope.

Toby says, “The next best thing to a cure is prevention especially in the garden so I’m thrilled to be welcoming Grazers and Dr Ian Bedford to the Festival bringing with them a wealth of knowledge about how to deal with garden pests without harming precious wildlife. If you need help keeping those classic West Country plant pests at bay then my Festival is the place to come.”

Pippa Greenwood, Gardeners’ Question Time panellist, known for knowledge of pests and diseases and veg growing will be speaking at the Garden Festival on Friday 28th April, and joining Toby for the popular Q and A session in the Speakers’ Marquee in the afternoon.

Toby asks if you have plant problems you need identifying then bring along the affected leaf or flower but please do so in a sealed plastic bag to avoid the risk of cross-contamination.

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