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If Pollen was the size of a Pumpkin…

Jo Golesworthy with a daisy pollen sculpture

Although usually too small to see with the naked eye, pollen grains are incredibly important providing the means for plants to reproduce themselves and food for insects. Pollen contains the male reproductive cells of flowering plants and provide protein for the larvae of the many insects which convey them. As well as insects and mammals, pollen is conveyed by wind and sometimes humans so pollination to occur. It’s incredibly diverse, with wide variations of texture which carry the identity of plant families, genera, species and even local variation

Devon-born and based sculptor Jo Golsworthy has always been fascinated by plants and grew up being taught the names of local wildflowers. Her pollen-inspired limestone sculptures are derived from images of pollen magnified many times from botanic illustration and carvings and are hand-constructed ‘wet’ using direct modelling onto a ceramic core.

Jo’s sculptures are very diverse like the pollen they depict

“The sculptures are my attempt to illustrate forms and textures of pollen grain caskets from Scanning Electron Micrograph images into three dimensions on a human scale,” explains Jo. She is interested in micro-habitats, particularly where wild plants and human activity mix and to highlight the plight of pollinators:
“I hope that the sculptures will go some way to help raise awareness of the recent alarming decline of pollinators and their food sources and inspire us to do what we can to reverse it.”

Jo’s pollen sculptures are individually built using a limestone compound and can stay outdoors in the garden slowly growing a botanic patina of their own. They can also be cleaned or lime washed if required.

Jo has exhibited with the St Ives Society of Artists; Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton; South West Academy and the National Gallery of Lyme Regis. Her work is in the permanent collection of the RD&E Hospital, Exeter and the University of Exeter. She has commissioned pieces in private collections throughout the UK and Europe.

Example of Jo’s work will be displayed in the Speaker’s Marquee during Toby’s Garden Festival on 27th and 28th April.

JO GOLESWORTHY 01404 850818/07833899710 info@jogolesworthy.co.uk

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