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Coastal Recycling Launch New ‘Green’ Compost

Devon’s largest recycler of green materials, Coastal Recycling, is launching their new compost, Coastal Organics, at Toby’s Garden Festival on 27th and 28th April. The new compost is made entirely from garden waste sourced from the county’s household recycling centres.

In a two-phase process that takes up to six months, gardeners’ unwanted grass clippings and prunings are taken to the Hill Barton industrial estate near Exeter, where they are first shredded into giant piles, then regularly turned and irrigated to turn them into crumbly brown compost, ideal for topping up beds and borders. During this time the compost is sterilised to remove weed seed and graded into different sizes, with small grade ideal for soil improvement or the larger perfect for mulching pots and borders. Visitors to the popular festival, now in its fifth year, will be able to see Coastal’s shredder in action at the event, place orders for home delivery and take away a free sample of the compost.

Coastal’s JCB’s pile garden waste into a giant shredder

Coastal Recycling’s Business Development Manager Richard Marsh says, “Devon has just been announced as third in the UK’s league table for recycling so it’s a great time to be showing the county’s gardener how we transform waste into this valuable resource.”

Toby says, “All gardeners are innate recyclers and green waste compost is just like the best stuff made on the heap at home except with guaranteed quality results. I’ve been an advocate for years, so I’m delighted Coastal are bringing their innovation to the festival. And who doesn’t love to see a big machine at work!”

You can claim your free sample of Coastal Organics compost (while stocks last) and place orders for compost delivery at the festival on 27th and 28th April at Powderham Castle.

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