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Fermenting Veg at the Festival

Gardening often results in a glut of produce and your freezer might become full with your family and friends refusing to eat another beetroot or parsnip. If that happens Julie Harrison of Wonderful Fermented Vegetables suggests you try fermenting some of your veg.

Fermenting is one of the ways we have preserved vegetables for hundreds of years before the canning and freezing was invented and according to Julie can take your health to a whole new level due to the high levels of gut-friendly bacteria


“You’ve probably tried sauerkraut and I confess I hate it!” says Julie “Instead you can discover the incredible flavours that can be yours by fermenting things such as cucumber, lemons, celery, carrots, beetroot, cabbage, tomatoes and even nuts to make a delectable nut “cheese”. I learnt to make them the hard way, with lots of trial and error but now I’ve honed down the procedure to make it quick and easy, but above all a taste delight.”

Julie’s main passion is in the field of natural health after discovering the profound effect it can have on  health. Julie says she loves nothing more than helping others to improve their health through her Masterclasses and various events and talks.

Julie’s health story started in 2000 when she had a skydiving accident and was told she might never walk again due to a broken femur and smashed pelvis. She proved them wrong and 8 months later was back jumping again.

“The constant pain even when lying down was terrible,” says Julie, “but that didn’t stop me going on to do another 500 odd skydives. If we fast forward to 2009 you will see the connection to the skydiving accident.  I was told I had breast cancer. Although I had surgery I decided that chemotherapy, radiotherapy and drugs weren’t going to help me so I didn’t have them and instead I made a number of simple but profound changes to my diet and lifestyle.”

It was a couple of years into her new regime that Julie realised that the pain from the accident had totally gone and a number of other “side” effects had occurred. Her frequent migraines had stopped, her varicose veins had reduced, her digestive problems disappeared, her skin tone and texture improved, stress levels reduced dramatically and she had a new zest for life.

“I’ve helped hundreds of people take back control of their health and my aim is to inspire and empower as many people who will listen or read,” says Julie. “My two books are ‘From Cancer to Clear – my eight eye openers to improve your health’ which is available from Amazon and ‘Deliciously Healthy, quick and easy recipes to improve your health’ from my website: www.improveyourhealth.co.uk.


Julie will be speaking at Toby’s Garden Festival in the Victorian Kitchen on Friday 28th April at midday.













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