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Eat Your Enemies!

Call them what you will – plants in the wrong place or plants that haven’t been planted – weeds are something that most gardeners will have had to deal with at some point. It’s always amazing how successfully weeds come back after a hard day’s weeding and haven’t we all at some point wondered if it’s worth the effort! Well now Candide’s Community Manager Aldetha Raymond suggests there is a different way to approach weeds. Instead of weeding them, why not eat them!

Change the way you look at weeds and see them as an ingredient for interesting dishes, and suddenly they are a useful crop. 

Join Aldetha in the Demo Tipi on either day of the festival to find out more about which weeds are good for the pot, and useful weed recipes. Her talk is guaranteed to provoke your taste buds and get you reaching for a knife and fork and not a hoe! You may never look at a dandelion in the same way again…

Talks free 11.30am both days in the Demo Tipi with Candide

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