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Award-winning West Country Roses at the Fest

Some of the finest award winning roses in the west will be waiting for festival visitors – thanks to the passion of rose grower extraordinary Kevin Smith.

Kevin owns and runs the Cornish Rose Farm in Mitchell just outside of Newquay on Cornwall’s north coast where he grows 100,000 roses of every type.

“ We’ll be coming to the show to let everyone know just how wonderful west country roses are”

Kevin began his lifelong passion for roses when he was 14 and while living in Norfolk began learning the business of rose growing  with the well-known Peter Beales roses business. He started up his own roses business 10 years ago and got to know another well-known south west rose grower Stewart Pocock who was growing roses in Hampshire and Cornwall.

“ We started working  with Stewart and his wife Rebecca and he invited me down to Cornwall to be a partner and that’s when everything took off. We grow beautiful roses at reasonable prices and will have everything at the festival from old fashioned roses , climbers, hybrid tea, floribunda and more.”

The advantage of roses grown in the West Country is that they have been chosen to thrive in the West Country despite our mild and maritime climate which makes some varieties prone to disease.

The Cornish Rose Farm’s display is in the Garden Village pay a visit for the pick of the bunch!  

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