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Artisan Charcuterie in the Demo Tipi

Thin slivers of salami and coppa are a regular feature on the menu in Forde Abbey’s supper clubs – hand-reared and home-cured by local chef Ed Versluys from Mello View, who will be sharing his recipes for artisan charcuterie in the Demo Tipi at Toby’s Harvest Festival at Forde Abbey on Saturday 15th September.

With their own special blend of spices and seasoning, they’re recipes that can be adapted with different aromatics, meats and cuts to make unique presents and something to be shared around the table.

Ed will also be at the helm of a pop-up grill over the weekend, dishing up a Mello View meat fest and selling a range of air-dried charcuterie.

All demo’s are free to festival visitors and are on a first come first served basis. 

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