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What’s Nibbling your Plants – Find out at the Festival!

Plagued by pigeons, run ragged by rabbits or are deer leaving your daphne bedraggled? Worry no more! At our New Pest Clinic sponsored by Grazers, Dr Ian Bedford – Head of Entomology at the world-renowned John Innes Centre for research In Norwich – will be on hand to help. Dr Ian, a regular pest expert on TV and radio, has a life-long passion for all things creepy crawly, and is inviting visitors to bring along their nibbled, spotted and mottled leaves so he can identify the pest and you can tackle the problem.

Dr Ian’s research spans a wide range of invertebrate species although he’s focussed his studies on the sap-sucking insects that transmit plant diseases, whiteflies in particular along with those that cause problems to the salad crops we import from southern Europe.  Ian also studies invasive species such as the notorious Spanish slug which he first confirmed was present in the UK in 2012.

Ian’s always delighted to talk about the plant pests he studies and those that we can find in our gardens, so if you have a  question about bugs, come along to Toby’s Garden Festival and head for the Pest Clinic for a chat with Ian.  You’ll also be able to have a look at an array of bugs under the microscope and learn the best ways to protect your garden plants.

The new Pest Clinic is sponsored by Grazers, maker of eco-friendly deterrent sprays which deter pests from nibbling your flowers and crops but don’t hurt your pets or the planet.


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