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Perfume Pop-Up

When David and Julia Bridger of Parterre decided to combine the ruling passions of their lives – art, gardens, travel and perfume, they set in motion a series of events that are poised to change the face of British fragrance forever.

Embracing the concept of ‘from seed to bottle’, David and Julia not only set out to grow, harvest and distil many of their own ingredients at their 50-acre estate at Keyneston Mill near Blandford Forum, but for the first time to grow crops that had never before been grown on British soil. (Even including – astonishingly – vetiver). And in the process, reinventing perfumery by taking it back to its roots, something the couple are keen to share in their ‘Adventures of Scent’ talk in the Great Hall on Saturday 15th September and in their perfume pop-up in the Chapel at the festival. A touch, smell and sniff botanical journey!

Talk is free to Harvest Festival visitors.

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