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Grow veg from seed

Share in the passion of growing great tasting, exceptional vegetables with Joy Michaud of Sea Spring Seeds

Joy Michaud has a passion when it comes to growing vegetables. Her view is,  ‘ Why grow an ordinary vegetable when you can grow an outstanding one?’

 At Toby’s Garden Fest she will be sharing this passion through her experience and knowledge built up since 1989 at her Seaspring Seeds Nursery in West Dorset. 

 “I’ll be talking to visitors about the excitement of growing new varieties and highlighting our chilli and pepper plugs which are hugely popular,” says Joy.  “We offer a wide range of over 70 chilli varieties from very mild to super hot and several varieties of sweet pepper. The plants are sold separately so you can buy exactly what you want.”

“ I love Toby’s Garden Festival and am really looking forward to it.”

Joy sees her nursery as plant hunters and breeders, always looking out for new and exception varieties of vegetables.

 The emphasis is on special vegetable varieties and lots of care and research goes into finding quality varieties. Each one is tested and trials are run in the nursery.

 “We also ask other gardeners to try our promising varieties. Testing is an on going process and we do this every year and we want to look after the ‘often neglected ‘home or allotment grower.

Hear Joy talking at the festival in the Country Gardener Talks Tent by the lake on Friday 3rd May. Talks free to festival visitors.


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