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Free Seed from Candide

Candide is off to its first UK garden event this month with an exciting exhibit at the popular Toby’s Garden Festival in Exeter, Devon held on 27th/28th April 2018. 

Throughout the festival, the Candide team will be hosting talks and in-app tutorials as well as sharing knowledge, know-how and experiences. Each visitor to Toby’s Garden Festival will receive a free Candide ‘plantable’ mystery seed flyer, considered a first for the industry, a free plug plant, and the chance to make their own flower crown. The mystery seed is revealed to visitors who use the Candide app.

Aldetha Raymond, Candide’s Community Manager, will be speaking at the Sow, Grow, Cook tipi on Friday and Saturday afternoon at 15.30, with a talk titled “Friend or Foe: Insects in the Garden – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly”. Aldetha’s talk will help gardeners identify which insects have a positive or damaging impact, share the best ways to get rid of unwanted pests, and advise on how we can make gardens a welcome home for the good guys.

Candide’s expert horticulturalists will be on hand throughout demonstrating their app, and encouraging visitors to join their growing movement of gardeners, spreading the joy that gardening can bring. The Candide app is the best tool in the shed, where gardeners of all levels can share their successes and failures, discover top tips and how to’s, and keep up to date with the latest trends in gardening.

Commenting on the event, Andrew Philbrick, Candide’s CEO, said:
“We are really excited to be participating at Toby Garden Festival. This marks the first time we are really sharing our app with our fellow gardeners and horticulturalists, and we are looking forward to hearing what visitors think about Candide. Our app is created by gardeners for gardeners and we want to make sure it is their best tool in the shed. Toby Garden Festival is our kind of event, where like minded people gather to share the happiness that gardening and gardens can bring, finding answers to green finger problems, as well as discovering the latest trends and making new friends in the process.”

Gardens and green spaces are at a premium in the South West of England, making it the natural home for Candide’s community to grow, and share its passion for the outdoors. 

You can find Candide on the Rose Lawn to the rear of the Castle both days of the festival.

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