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Festival fun

Watch out, watch out – the topiary’s about! There’s no beating about the bush at Toby’s Garden Festival in 2021. That’s because the talented Devon troupe, the Higher Beings are back to entertain visitors, disguised as topiary bushes. 

You can have hours of fun just watching them as they camouflage themselves among the shrubs and trees of Powderham Castle and pop out to surprise the visitors when they’re least expecting it! 

And when they aren’t entertain guests as topiary, look out for Abi and Star striding the grounds on stilts. No need to be shy, stop and say hello. They’re always happy posing for pictures.

Toby’s Garden Festival is on Friday 11 and 12 June at Powderham Castle, Kenton near Exeter. Tickets cost £11 in advance, children under 16 free – dogs on leads welcome. Tickets are limited and on a first come, first serve basis.

Buy your tickets online here.

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