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An Apple a Day…

There’s a bumper apple crop of apples at our Harvest Fest at Forde Abbey this September, featuring in apple-pressing, cider-making and apple idents, apple juice and apple-based delicacies.

The Pomona Press (pictured) is here both days, making juice you can buy and can take home. You can even bring your own apples in and get them pressed for you.

The Two Thirsty Gardeners, Nick and Rich, are in the Demo Tepee on Saturday afternoon showing how to dig and swig your way through the season and explaining the cider-making process.

Pop into Forde’s chapel and check out the apple ident table where you can see a range of two dozen apple varieties good for the West Country, courtesy of Thornhayes Nursery.

West Dorset orchard and producer, Liberty Orchards are here with their range of apple juice and apple vinegars made from their own and other local orchards.

Come along and join the fun! Doors open 10am-5pm both days, 16th and 17th September at Forde Abbey, Chard, Somerset.

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